Accommodation In Devon

Date of completion: 20.02.2014



Accommodation in Devon


This project was started at the beginning of February 2013. It took us twenty days in order to complete it. We started this after only building one other project (Accommodation in Ilfracombe) so we were a little apprehensive about attempting to improve our website designing skills via Wordpress. After a few days of tweaking some of the theme pages and plug ins we found it was easier than we thought.

The more comfortable we got using the Wordpress platform the better the Accommodation in Devon website began to look. Design needs were pretty simple for this project so it was a easy target to meet, however surpassing those needs needed more work.

We applied more plugins, tweaked more pages, started SEO on all of the pages and had them all looking great and feeling great. It was looking like a very well executed basic website for a beginner.

We have attached a screenshot of the website itself if you haven’t already clicked the link to view the live website itself.

accommodation in devon screenshot

More screenshots:
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