Accommodation in Ilfracombe


Ilfracombe is an accommodation website that was built by us right after our first project – Accommodation in Laugharne.

Having never made a Wordpress website previously we aimed to enhance any knowledge we had and employ the knowledge we already had. Given that this website took only two weeks to create the customer was extremely happy with the layout, general feel and the content of the website. We have also done partial SEO on this website to allow it to gain ranks naturally as more and more people enjoy and use the website. Since completion on the twenty third of December 2014 we have gained and improved our knowledge and honed our skills to increase the current websites we are making and have made.

Accommodation in Ilfracombe

With this project the customer happily supplied the input on design, images and what content she wanted on the website, enabling us free reign for the rest. She was pleasantly surprised with how well we had done and was happy for us to continue on other projects she wanted done.



More screenshots:
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