Accommodation in Laugharne


Laugharne is an accommodation website which needed SEO in order to gain Google rank. This was a successful project which was completed in four months. The customer was fully satisfied with the results after appearing on the first page of Google’s web results.

This was achieved by using white hat SEO techniques only. Date of completion was the eleventh of December 2014. To this day it is still at the top of the search results for the given keywords.

This project required more than one stage of operation. These stages included:

  1. Onsite SEO (altering the text slightly to better the search engine friendliness of the website and its content)
  2. Website Submission (this means submitting the website address to many major search engines in order for them to index the website into their search results)
  3. Backlinks ( what this means is that we made links pointing to the website on various niche websites such as accommodation directories, comments on travel blogs etc)

Accommodation in Laugharne

This was the first project we took on as a company which had astounding results for us. Opening doors to more projects in the future. After successful completion we then moved on to further enhance the general feel of the existing website.


More screenshots:
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