Accommodation in Windsor

Date of completion: 21.02.2015



Accommodation in Windsor Website Build

We started building the Windsor website straight after we had handed Accommodation in Devon back to our client. They were pleased by the way that we jumped right in to the next project and started immediately putting the website together and adding extra little quirks that the client wasn’t expecting. We added a few new items into the mix and came up with a whole new ball game (so we thought back then).

Design needs were simple, specifications were also simple. They wanted something that was clean cut and looked appealing. They were very satisfied with our work and has since been with us since we started.

Looking back on Accommodation in Windsor we can really see how far we have come in such a short space of time having so many websites now under our belts.

Here is a screenshot of Accommodation in Windsor.

 accommodation in windsor screenshot

More screenshots:
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