Country Guns

Date of completion: 20.03.2017



Country Guns

The owner of the website Country Guns contacted me and met up with me to discuss his requirements and showed me what he wanted. A day later most of the core pages had been created and content added. I then had to implement the Shopp plugin which allows him to securely add products he was selling, mainly firearms and accessories such as ammo pouches, Vorn Backpacks and so on. As well as giving him a secure checkout process where credit/debit card information was securely protected via Shopp’s secure checkout on a private server giving his customers no concern over fraud or theft of their information.

country guns

Example of one of the images on Country Guns

Once that was done I had to create his gallery using a free plugin on Wordpress. I had to add each gallery separately including some for the guns for sale as they could not go through checkout as it would have been illegal, plus firearms licences had to be checked in person. So the galleries made for guns were purely for reference purposes and to show the guns themselves and any modifications or attachments that came with it.

Also the same had to be done for any hunting knives added. Except I included a request form which asked for an image of the buyers proof of age to be uploaded and attached to the form itself before it could be sent.

All in all the customer was very happy with my work and has also given me more work as a result. Visit his website today and see for yourself.

I personally own no copyright for the image provided as a reference all copyright belongs to Country Guns and them alone. Any questions about the products and information/image/s provided should be sent to the website owner via their contact link on their website.

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