Handmade Crafters UK

Date of completion: 11.04.2018

Link: https://handmadecraftersuk.co.uk


Design Brief

This website required a simple design incorporated around an online marketplace where crafters can buy and sell to customers within the UK. This required some planning in regards to design, information, setup, incorporation and running/maintaining. Needless to say, it took a while to do but we got there in the end. This in total took around a month or so to start and complete. Then it was getting crafters to sign up and use the website.


Specification and Methods Used

Initially, we went with a simple design which we ended up sticking to so we didn’t make the website too complicated. It was implementing the marketplace where we ended up spending the most time as we had to create it, edit it, update it, test it and then use it. Lets put it this way, hours and hours of work went into this to make it where it is today but we are continually updating and improving it as with any marketplace it needs constant attention.


Starting out we knew it was going to be difficult as we hadn’t done anything like this before so we weren’t 100% sure what we needed to do. So a lot of research time went into finding out, testing and implementing each section. We had to add specific parts to this and then test, add more, then test again, adding new sections along the way and then testing that. Overall it went according to plan with only a few hiccups along the way which we then had to go back and fix. But we wouldn’t truly know how it all functioned until we had crafters join the website and start selling with us. At the first hurdle, it turned out that our email encryption software blocked PayPal from working properly so crafters couldn’t sign up. It took a short time to figure out what the issue was and correct it. If you visit the website you will see that it has an ever-growing shop filled with various handmade items from the UK.


From start to finish

When we started this website we had no idea which direction it was going to go in. It became clear where we needed it to go judging by the huge success of websites such as eBay and Etsy which our system is modeled on but without all the fees involved. This we found was hugely fundamental in the promotion of the website. At the end of the build, we found it to be an easy to use system, popular design and overall a great website. We have had many sales for our crafters since we went live with it in April 2018.