MFBS and

Description: or Most Finest Electrical Services contacted us for help in gaining more leads, customers and exposure. We were more than happy to help. Their custom theme on Wordpress was a little confusing to work with at the start but then everything came together nicely.


Their main problem was their load time for the homepage which was dealt with quickly, they also wanted additional content added within the website itself and on the homepage. All in all for the website content to be updated and minor SEO (search engine optimisation) it took around 2 months to complete what the customer asked for. This was a huge success as they quickly asked us for more help in regards to another one of their websites MFBS.London. Which is similar to MFES.London but one is electrical and one is building services.


The work to be carried out on MFBS was SEO and minor website improvements. This on average took around 4 months to complete due to having to wait around for Google to update. The customer was very happy with the services he received, The services he received for both websites were: SEO, website improvements, additional content added, social business pages, website submission and general backlinks created.



They have recently changed their website URL so I have had to remove the old ones from this portfolio item.

More screenshots:
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