steeple Jacks Scaffolding

Date of completion: 24.06.2017



This website for me was a tricky one, considering it was for an entirely new customer who runs her business through me (Global Domain Services). The reason I found this to be tricky is because I only had the nature and name of the business to go on, which means I had no text, no images nothing. So I had to free hand the entire website.




I started this on the 24/05/17 and finished it around six hours later. Surprisingly enough by the time I finished I knew quite a lot about scaffolding! So what challenges did I face? Well, I will tell you that finding any information was hard, getting images was even harder and the trying to put it all together in a professional way was the hardest task I faced because I knew nothing of scaffolding except it goes around houses, shops and other buildings and its used by builders and painters etc.


More screenshots:
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