The Soap Shack

Date of completion: 04.11.2017



Design Brief

This website belongs to some of our friends that had recently started their crafts business creating bathbombs, soaps, candles etc and so they needed our help to get them a website that suited their needs. Having spoken to them about what they wanted the website to do, how it should look and feel etc we found out very early on they had no clue. So we were given permission to take the reins on the design and layout side of the website and they would supply the product information, page content and images.


This started out fairly straightforward and soon turned in to a learning curve for us as they decided they were going to have sales rep’s sign up via their website so we had to find a way to incorporate that into the website itself. We managed to do this via a contact form which would collect the details they needed to call or email the interested parties. This proved to be the answer and so we could then continue to designing and creating or the website itself.


Again we used the technique where we design their website live whilst on the phone to them so they could see each update and give us their thoughts as well as them giving us alternatives and suggestions. Proving to be a hit with them as they noticed this worked best for them instead of having to wait to see the updates or not knowing what had been updated. They settled on a purple theme and after some custom coding via the CSS files for the website colours were chosen and added, added options were added and the website was almost finished.


Adding their products

We were told they would send over the product information, price, images etc so we could then add them. These came few and far between in regards to having the all done outright in a pdf or word format. They were all sent via Facebook so it took a while to do as we had to go back and forth etc. It took around 2-3 weeks to get all of the products on there as they were busy and didn’t have the time to do all of them as and when we needed them.


Once we had all of the products on there we then had to create category pages and use custom code to call the chosen category of products to that page and then include it into the dropdown menu for the shop. Adding a description for the page, relative images such as a paraben free image, vegan-friendly image etc on the corresponding products too.


Other Services

They have no idea how to add/edit/remove products, pages or anything from their website and simply didn’t have the time to do it themselves so they asked for our maintenance package which they are thoroughly content with to this day. They also wanted more exposure and visibility in the search engines and so also asked for our SEO package which they are also happy with.