Wilde About Crafts

Date of completion: 11.11.2017

Link: https://wildeaboutcrafts.co.uk


Design Brief

This website is one of ours, so we didn’t need to contact anyone on how it should look, how they want it etc. We had researched a few e-commerce websites before starting so we knew exactly how we wanted it to look. We wanted a sleek, elegant feel to it and for the colour scheme to be pastel coloured. So we started off by first selecting the WordPress theme that would best suit our needs.


From Start to Finish

Initially it took us a while to get our heads around the WooCommerce coding to customise the base code to how we needed it, but in the end we figured it out and had it how we wanted it. As for the rest of the website we had already made blank base pages for home, contact, about us etc so we could set the menu up to minimise the customising time for the layout.


When adding the content to the pages we had added it was quite a while before we were anywhere near finished as we had to structure all of the content so it flowed naturally instead of meaningless content blocks strewn about in a random order. Once we had that done we then had to move on to adding the products, setting up the shipping options etc which needless to say took a while as there are over four hundred products on the website, some with custom aspects giving you the ability to choose what you want on the product.


GDPR Came into Effect

We were up and running for a while before GDPR rules came into effect when we had to go back into the website and edit almost everything to add the options to revoke permissions, add the ability to remove or delete personal data, we had to add extra parts into our privacy policy so you knew what personal data was kept, why we keep it, what we collect and why, how its stored etc.



The website is built using WordPress which for those of you who have never heard of it before it is the worlds leading CMS platform around.

More screenshots: