Technologies: PHP

Design Briefing

Our client which is a long term client of ours which uses us to make all of their websites contacted us to build them a new website for their domain name and hosting business. We were given a design brief which was to make it look similar to their previous website. Having worked on their previous website we knew exactly how it looked and what was used etc in order to make it how they wanted it, with a few tweaks on the design we could achieve what they needed.


From Start to Finish

When starting any new website we tend to play around with different themes to find what suits the website best and offers the most customizability, custom colours, page styling etc. So once we found the theme we wanted we then started by adding the base pages in so we could structure the menu, add privacy/terms pages and then structure the footer menu. Once that was done we were then able to play around with the layout and configure it perfectly by custom coding the templates to give the exact layout needed.


We then added all of the images provided, content given and any other relative information to the base pages we made earlier making it easier to complete in a timely, efficient manner. Once we had the content on the website it was a matter of moving things around to find the perfect fit, alignment and layout for each page. Then all we needed to do to finish off the content was to add the contact form onto the contact page.


Once everything was in place and where it needed to be we then went through it all meticulously to find any mistakes and correct them, test out the contact form, check everything loaded fine and that everything remained whole. After all the initial checks we then went about speeding up the loading time by adding plugins which would speed up loading each page in line with Google’s page loading standards. Then it was a matter of handing the website over to the client to sign ogg on it once they had checked it all.



For us this was a quick and easy website build from scratch. Made easier by the fact that the client is a long term customer of ours. Knowing what she wanted form it without having to spend time asking questions, waiting for a response and sending/receiving content. All in all it was quick, easy, very customizable and the client was more than happy with our work and still continues to use us to this day.

Date of completion: 11.11.2017


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