Technologies: website design

Design Brief

When the customer contacted me about needing a website, she wasn’t entirely sure how she wanted it to look. So we discussed how she wanted to sell her products, which products she was selling and we went from there. We actually did the design and layout whilst she was on the phone with us so she could see everything we were doing and whether or not she liked it. This turned out to be a brilliant idea as she could then state alternative options and we could then try them live for her so she could see how it affected the website. All in all, she was very pleased with what we did and is now recommending us to everyone she can.


Project needs and Specifications

Put simply, when we take on a new client we like to understand their business needs, what they do, what they sell etc so we can get a better idea of what they need from us. During this project, it was clear from the start that they sold army surplus gear, survival gear, hiking equipment and so on. So the theme became apparent in a short amount of time. We designed it to have camouflaged colours throughout the website to fit with the products and the nature of the business. That being said there were a few times when this became difficult to do for example the contact form buttons which wouldn’t take on the camo effect.


Once we had the design and layout nailed we then had to move on to adding the content which was supplied verbally and we then had to put this down on paper, edit it a little and then add it onto the website’s relevant pages. Once that was done it was on to adding the products and setting up the selling side of the website. This was done using Woocommerce which is the most popular e-commerce plugin on Wordpress. At first we were asked to add products which were one of a kind ex-army issue from her eBay store, which proved to be a lengthy process in itself. Then we were given supplier names and details to contact them in regards to the rest of the stock. So needless to say it was a few emails and phone calls later that we ended up with the CSV files needed to add the stock on to the website in one batch. Which saved us alot of time adding them manually. However these CSV files did not come with any images, so it was again a matter of some phone calls and emails to get permission to use the stock images available on the relevant websites and add them all manually to each individual product. This took around a week or more to complete considering that once we added all of the products there was around 1000 to 1900 products in total on her shop.


Additional Services

Once her website was finished and up and running we had to teach the client how to add/edit her products to sort out pricing, stock levels, check/complete orders etc. Once the client knew how to do this they grasped the fact that it was no small feat with so many products and so asked for our maintenance package where we help keep the website up and running, up to date, editing pages/products/posts etc. The client also wished for more visibility and so signed up to another service we have which is SEO (search engine optimization) meaning the website would soon be climbing the ranks in Google and other search engines. Needless to say, it got to the top spot pretty quick considering it was a new website and all.



It took around three to four months to complete this project which made it a learning curve for us having to do such a large website. Having had to do almost all of the leg work in sourcing the CSV files, adding them and then the individual image took longer than we thought initially but we got there in the end. The client was very happy with the website and how it looked. Knowing that it was a new selling portal for the business she was thrilled. All in all, it was a journey for both the client and us.

Date of completion: 11.11.2017


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